Decluttering My Son’s Bedroom

As a family of four, we live in a 1200 sq ft home in Queens, NY.  Per US standards, it is quite small, but for NYC and my own standards, its just the perfect size and feel more than blessed to have this home.

We are also a young family thats constantly growing, thus our needs keep changing.  My 5 year old son recently showed a need for his own personal space to do homework and build his legos.  Its been very frustrating for him that his toddler sister keeps scribbling his work sheets and taking his legos.

It took me by surprise how quickly this need would come.  We knew it would one day but not this soon! Anyhow, I didn’t mind it.  I enjoy redecorating rooms and his room was very much in need for it!

The whole process of decluttering and redecorating my son’s room was captured as a time lapse in the video below:

My goal every time I organize and decorate a space is to make it light, airy, functional and free of clutter.  I think I achieved it with my son’s room! best of all? costed me $0! I was able to reuse many items that I had laying around!   I was also able to display a few of my favorite items in his room:

1. Wooden Cross Shield that we bought at the Angel Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany

2. Framed photo of “Jesus Saves” neon sign that I found in some random magazine 15 years ago

3. Collage of my son’s photography work.  I want him to know that we enjoy his photos and its something for him to feel proud about

My son really loves his room now.  His toddler sister does too though but he is nice enough to share his space with her… some of the time.

For those that have kids, do they have their own room or share it with their siblings? How often do you find needing to change their rooms as they grow?

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