Manhasset Project : Playroom

“Ok, I want you to be prepared before I open the door and let you see the playroom. I really hope you won’t run away after you see it!”, my client says to me.

I was intrigued.  How bad can it be? She sheepishly smiles and opens the door to the dreaded playroom.

It was bad. I was not intimidated by it, but yes, it was bad.   Apparently her two girls were literally swimming in the clutter of the room.


There were not only toys in the room but also old unused diapers, clothes, costumes, blankets, papers, books, etc. My client only wanted toys in the playroom so everything else had to go. I prioritized things as followed:

  • Get clothing and blanket out to be sorted at a later time
  • Get all the books out into the new bookcase
  • Sort and declutter thru all the toys

This was some of what ended up in the trash:

The whole process of decluttering and organizing the playroom took about 2 full days.  It is now bright, airy and cheerful! My client tells me that after the room was organized, her girls have become more responsible about cleaning up after themselves in the playroom.  They know to play with one group of toys at a time and then put it back after they were done with it.  Isn’t that great?

The whole process was capture from beginning to end in this YouTube video.


Here is the playroom all decluttered and organized!

What do you think? I hope this blog and video helped and inspired you! I had lots of fun doing this.

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