Manhasset Project : Walk-in Closet

walk in closet

Halloween pumpkins, Christmas trees ornaments, legos and old unused diapers were among the things found in the gorgeous walk-in closet.  My Manhasset client and her family had moved into the house a little less than two years ago.  During the move, stuff were randomly placed in the closet and was never dealt with again.

I was excited to tackle the space because despite the clutter of random things, the closet itself is a beautiful space that allowed for many organizational possibilities.


You can watch the decluttering and organizing process of the walk-in closet in the short videos below. In these videos, I’ve also included organization tidbits as real life scenarios happen.


My client was a trooper about decluttering.  She managed to go thru and let go of over 50% of the stuff that was in the closet, including two big old dressers!  The whole process took about 5 days and the results were more than worth it.





The difference is truly night and day.  The closet feels amazing now that its organized and functional.  I just spoke to my client over text yesterday while editing the videos to tell her how much I enjoyed doing this for her and she responded, “Its one of the best things I’ve done in my life”. Little does she know that, that’s one of the best things I can be told.

I hope that after seeing the before and after photos and watching the videos helped to inspire you to get started in your space! If so, I would love to see some of your photos!

4 Comments on “Manhasset Project : Walk-in Closet”

    1. Isn’t the change amazing? I loved the transformation of the space and how much the mommy and her husband now enjoy the space.

  1. Loved what you said… it’s not that she doesn’t know how to organize herself, she just needed motivation and accountability. I think that’s the biggest hurdle for me, motivation. 🙂

    1. I believe that is the biggest hurdle for most people! motivation! I know that was my issue at first and found reading blogs, listening to podcasts and just looking at photos for organization ideas helped me tremendously.

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