Downsized in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

This was my first time doing an organization project for friends. I say friends because I personally know both the wife and husband. They had just moved into their new home with their 3 young children. Although their new home is a larger multi-family home, the actual space they get to use is much smaller than their previous one family home.

They have about 1400 square feet of living space. Their new home was beautiful. It had undergone a complete renovation and you can smell the new-ness as you walk into their home. Everything was well done except for the clutter that was sitting on almost all surfaces of the home. The main issue was not the size of the house but the lack of usable storage; and they had A LOT of things to store. My main goal there was to help them get their master bedroom decluttered and organized.


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Videos are below. I also give decluttering and organizing tips as real-life circumstances pop up in the videos.

 PART 1 | Slow and Difficult Start

  Part 2 | Big Reveal of Transformed Space

I will describe the mommy as practical, thrifty and a bit overwhelmed.  Her practicality and thriftiness are great characteristics but makes purging a difficult task for her. I assisted her with:

  • Selecting storage furniture
  • Closet design
  • Taught her how to fold fitted sheets
  • Taught her the Konmari method of folding shirts
  • Select storage baskets and bins

Below are the after photos and the transformation is amazing!


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I was very thankful for the opportunity and thankful to my friend/client for trusting me to handle their personal things and space.

What was best about it all? I get to bring her with me and she gets to see her mommy work 🙂

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    1. Hi Heather, thank you! I learned so much during the process of organizing the space. I have more projects in the works so stay tune for even more organizing tips!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! What you did to this room! You use such creative ideas to organize this small space. Really love it!

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