* Wife
* Mommy
* Traveler
* Blogger and YouTuber
*Former Clinical Researcher and Infection Control Nurse
*Loves organizing
*Forever Learner

I am a happily married to my best friend and mom to two fun-loving kids.  New York City is our home and we love it.

Torrey Pines, San Diego 2016

I have loved decluttering and organizing from a very young age; and during my desperate quest to simplify my crazy hectic family life, I discovered ‘Simple Living’ in 2012. A decluttered and organized space brings forth pleasure to the eye, peace and calm to the mind and better productivity to one’s day to day life. After 4+ years of simplifying our lives thru the practice of decluttering, my family shed many unimportant things that were taking up space in our home and minds.  The time and resource we gained back from it is now put into what is truly important to us : quality time with those we love, learning and traveling.

I started this blog to share my journey into simple living and many of my decluttering and organizing projects.  My hope is that my blog and videos will inspire and motivate others to also declutter, organize and start enjoying life more!

I also have a lifestyle website where I blog about life, marriage, parenthood, faith, travels, and DIYs : www.lifeofyen.com